Fortnite: The Current Esport King Of The World

Fortnite is one of the most popular games in the world today and even more popular than Player’s Unknown Battleground, and that’s saying a lot considering the amount of fortnite hack we have. It has taken over the lives of the teenagers in the whole of America. Rightfully so you should be following some of the best streamers in the world to make your killing and building techniques better and watching how some of the best players in the world can be a really big change in perspective.

Streamers you should subscribe to, to make your game better:

  • The first player who should come in your mind should be Ninja. He is the king of Fortnite with a win rate of 34% which means that he wins every third game that he enters in a row, probably the greatest piece of statistics in the history of esports. Watching Ninja stream on Twitch will just make you realize exactly what you are missing from your game. Ninja is 1st in terms of kills and 2nd in terms of wins on the Fortnite leader board.
  • TSM Myth is the best builder in the game, and does justice to his nickname, ‘The Architect’. He is the leader of Solo Mid’s Fortnite time and also features in the top 20 of career kills and wins which is really impressive.

  • TSM Daequan is the most aggressive player on Fortnite right now, follow his stream and you will get to see some of the most entertaining plays ever. He has his own style of switching between his weapons rapidly and use a move called “Double Pump Shotgun” to kill opponents with great effect.
  • Faze Tfue is the newest member to the Faze clan and is a very calm player who has recorded multiple 30+ kill games. He has one of the most accurate aims in the game whih makes him one of the toughest people to square up against.