1st Anniversary Trip Ideas

There’s nothing quite as special as your first anniversary. No matter how long you dated before you got married, your first anniversary represents the end of a year of hard work and adjustments. You deserve to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished together and one of the best ways of doing so is to take a spectacular 1st anniversary trip.


Second-honeymooner’s traveling on a budget may want to consider taking a trip to Iceland. Iceland is a romantic vacation destination and is incredibly affordable as well. Travelers who have visited Iceland in the past recommend flying with Iceland-air but savvy travelers will search for reasonably priced packages including air, hotels, and meals before booking a flight by itself.

Once you arrive you’ll enjoy cruising the fyords, lounging in the warmth of the Blue Lagoon, riding the huge Icelandic horses, and learning about local culture. Don’t forget to book a meal at at least one authentic Icelandic restaurant, too. The best part about a trip to Iceland is that just about everyone speaks English, making communication during your travels less of a hassle.

Orlando, Florida

If you and your spouse would like to enjoy your anniversary in a warmer climate you might want to consider heading to Orlando, Fla. Orlando is more than just Disney World.

Hotels in Orlando are inexpensive and because the city is such a sought-after travel destination. You’ll find that renting a car is relatively inexpensive as well. Orlando is centrally located, meaning it’s a great place to start your vacation before heading off toward Tampa, Clear-water or Sarasota. From these destinations you’ll enjoy short cruises, charter fishing trips and beautiful beaches.

Las Vegas, Nevada

After a blissful first year of marriage you may want to try your luck at the gaming tables or slot machines in Las Vegas. There are dozens of incredible Las Vegas vacation packages available year round but if you’re looking to save money you will want to book your trip during the week when hotel rates are lower.

Don’t forget–there is more to Las Vegas than casinos. There are lots of shows to see, including the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil, and you’ll find several incredible museums and galleries as well. You don’t have to spend all of your time on “The Strip,” either. Rent a car or book a tour and head out to Grand Canyon National Park for a day.