5 Ways To Stress Free Mornings

5 Ways To Stress Free Mornings

Are you one of those families where mornings are crazy…..stressful…..frustrating?

No matter how much you prepare the night before every morning is still full of chaos and most days you end up running late?

I know exactly how you feel….it used to be me.

5 Ways To Stress Free Mornings

I had my boys clothes laid out…..lunch was waiting in the fridge….backpacks were packed by the door….alarm clocks were on few minutes earlier then needed….

….still chaos….running late…boys fighting….forgetting their morning chores…blaming each other….

….till I decided enough was enough and some changes had to be made….

After reading few articles I came up with a plan and ways to STRESS FREE MORNINGS.

5 Ways To Stress Free Mornings

#1 Allow Children To Wake Up To Mood-Lifting Scent

Just like the smell of fresh brewed coffee gets most of us out of bed the aroma of citrus scent get our children moving with a little burst of energy.

You can infuse the air in your children bedrooms before their alarm goes off few ways:

  • use citrus scent room spray
  • dab little bit of citrus essential oil on the bulb of their bedside lamp and turn it on
  • use citrus scent reed diffuser (turn the reeds around) for a quick shot of citrus burst

#2 Play Upbeat Music To Keep Them Moving

  • for older kids you can download morning routine upbeat playlist into their iPods
  • for younger kids you can order upbeat custom CD with that starts with Good Morning song that includes their name
  • tune your house radio, stereo or satellite TV to upbeat music station

5 Ways To Stress Free Mornings

#3 Set The Breakfast Table With Cheerful Colors

The yellow, blue and white color combination is considered brain-boosting color combo that enhances energy and concentration, promotes mental clarity and improves focus.

#4 Detailed Morning Schedule

It is very helpful especially for younger children and teenagers to have Detailed Morning Schedule visible somewhere in their bedroom. They can move from task to task without worrying about missing something or forgetting something. We shouldn’t assume that our children will do everything that they are suppose to every single morning….we all forget so why not to help them out to keep them on track and out of trouble.

5 Ways To Stress Free Mornings

#5 No TV , Computer or Personal Electronics Before School

All of these electronics are stimulants that steal children concentration away from morning tasks and in many cases cause hyperactivity which leads to misbehavior, forgetting important things and morning arguments.

These 4 little changes turned our mornings from chaos and stress into calm….relaxed mornings that we all enjoy.

Do you have other ways or tips that help your family keep their mornings stress free?