Month: December 2018

1rst Anniversary Trip Ideas

There’s nothing quite as special as your first anniversary. No matter how long you dated before you got married, your first anniversary represents the end of a year of hard work and adjustments. You deserve to celebrate all that you’ve accomplished together and one of the best ways of doing so is to take a spectacular 1st anniversary trip.


Second-honeymooner’s traveling on a budget may want to consider taking a trip to Iceland. Iceland is a romantic vacation destination and is incredibly affordable as well. Travelers who have visited Iceland in the past recommend flying with Iceland-air but savvy travelers will search for reasonably priced packages including air, hotels, and meals before booking a flight by itself.

Once you arrive you’ll enjoy cruising the fyords, lounging in the warmth of the Blue Lagoon, riding the huge Icelandic horses, and learning about local culture. Don’t forget to book a meal at at least one authentic Icelandic restaurant, too. The best part about a trip to Iceland is that just about everyone speaks English, making communication during your travels less of a hassle.

Orlando, Florida

If you and your spouse would like to enjoy your anniversary in a warmer climate you might want to consider heading to Orlando, Fla. Orlando is more than just Disney World.

Hotels in Orlando are inexpensive and because the city is such a sought-after travel destination. You’ll find that renting a car is relatively inexpensive as well. Orlando is centrally located, meaning it’s a great place to start your vacation before heading off toward Tampa, Clear-water or Sarasota. From these destinations you’ll enjoy short cruises, charter fishing trips and beautiful beaches.

Las Vegas, Nevada

After a blissful first year of marriage you may want to try your luck at the gaming tables or slot machines in Las Vegas. There are dozens of incredible Las Vegas vacation packages available year round but if you’re looking to save money you will want to book your trip during the week when hotel rates are lower.

Don’t forget–there is more to Las Vegas than casinos. There are lots of shows to see, including the Blue Man Group and Cirque du Soleil, and you’ll find several incredible museums and galleries as well. You don’t have to spend all of your time on “The Strip,” either. Rent a car or book a tour and head out to Grand Canyon National Park for a day.

Brittany Maynard Kills Herself. Conservatives Freak Out.

Brittany Maynard Kills Herself. Conservatives Freak Out. Brittany Maynard had a terminal brain tumor and, at the age of 29, swallowed a barbiturate cocktail prescribed by her doctor and ended her life under Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act. Many Conservatives – particularly religious ones – became angry and judgmental after her suicide because, they said, her life was God’s gift to her and thus not hers to end and suggested some sort of “slippery slope” would lead to Government-run death camps.

In her own words:

‘When people criticize me for not waiting longer, or, you know, whatever they’ve decided is best for me, it hurts,’ she said, ‘because really, I risk it every day, every day that I wake up.’

Maynard also revealed that her health has been deteriorating and described a recent ‘terrifying’ day when she had two seizures and found herself unable to say her husband’s name.

‘I think sometimes people look at me and they think. ‘Well you don’t look as sick as you say you are,’ which hurts to hear, because when I’m having a seizure and I can’t speak afterwards, I certainly feel as sick as I am,’ she said.

Assuming her life was a “gift” from God, let’s look at the the word “gift” means:

Brittany Maynard Kills Herself. Conservatives Freak Out.


When someone gives you something, it is yours to do with as you please. Giving someone something then trying to tell someone what to do with it or how to treat it is not truly selfless.

Many say that her death is a “slippery slope” that will somehow lead to Logan’s Run where the Government will condemn everyone to death at a certain age or doctors will be compelled to kill their patients or face disbarment.

Talk about jumping to extremes.

Conservatives need to understand that someone should be allowed to die the way they want to die. Brittany could have bought a gun and eaten a bullet but she didn’t want to go out like that. She had terminal Cancer that was causing her some very real pain and discomfort and she didn’t want to continue in that state and get worse.

How was that not her choice?

Equipment Needed for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a pastime understood only by those in very cold climates. It is an especially popular sport in North America that involves catching fish through a hole in the ice. However, there is much more to the sport. The time spent bonding with nature and fellow fishermen is invaluable, despite the frosty temps.

ice fishing The Fishing “Pole”
Ice fishermen use fishing rods like any other angler. It must be easily flexed, with a tip that moves with the slightest tug of the fishing line. The guides, or holes through which the fishing line is thread, must be large. Use a micro spinning reel that is built for extreme fishing environments. Use a jigging rod if you are fishing for pan-size fish, and jig hooks. If you don’t want hold onto a fishing rod the entire time you are ice fishing, use a tip-up, which sits over the ice hole and raises a flag to alert you when a fish has grabbed the line.

In addition to bait appropriate for the fish you want to catch, bring a tackle box that includes pliers; a compass; fingernail clippers to clip fishing line; a knife; hand warming packs; and the proper weights, bobbers, jigs, hooks, etc., needed to fish. Only the bobbers need to be specifically made for ice fishing.

Extrasice fishing 1
Take something to sit on, like a five-gallon bucket or folding chair made for the ice fishing field. Also take an ice chisel (if early in the winter) to cut out a hole in the ice, or use an auger for mid to late winter; a skimmer to scoop ice out of the hole; a collapsible shovel to remove any snow cover on top of the ice; and a sled to help carry everything. Make sure that the bucket you are sitting on has a lid, so you can also use it to hold your fish. Also, bring a first aid kit for any injuries that might occur. Don’t forget a cell phone. Dedicated ice fishermen may want to invest in a shantee or ice fishing shelter and/or a portable heater.

Everything You Need To Know About Tapestries

Do you want to renovate your home? Are you thinking about how to decorate your home? Are you trying to give the best and unique look to your home? If so, then you should consider about tapestries. You may have listened or not, but tapestries are getting more popularity in the world of home decoration. Most of the people prefer to buy tapestries for their home decoration.

No doubt, buying the best option for home decoration is not an easy job. There are so many options out there to choose from. It is extremely important to consider the different options regarding tapestries if you want to give a unique look to your home. You can also take a look at the best grey tapestry 2018 before making the final decision regarding large perfect tapestries.

Tapestries Overview

Tapestry is a specific item that is used for decoration purposes. In these days, tapestries are getting more popularity for many good reasons. It is one of the oldest forms of woven textile. Now, you can get the best cover in tapestry for table cover and chair backs as well.

You may have the knowledge or not, but the wool is the main material of tapestries. Wool and different types of tread are to be used to making tapestries. The technique of making tapestry is known as weaving that is included looms and yarns.

Types of tapestries

There are different types of tapestries that you should know first. If you are going to buy tapestries that you should need to know about the different types of tapestries. With the section of the article, we are going to talk about the specific types of tapestries. Lets’ check about the specific types of tapestries:

  • Ancient
  • Contemporary
  • Hand woven
  • Jacquard

All those above-given types of tapestries are the most popular. You should consider about them before to buying your right tapestry option. When you search for the best grey tapestry 2018 list, then you will get numbers of options of tapestries.

Benefits of buying tapestries online

As we all know that you can get tapestries online or from the market. If you are thinking about tapestries to buy, then you should go online. In simple words, you should buy tapestries online because there are so many benefits of buying tapestries online. In this section of the article, we are going to discuss the benefits of buying tapestries online. Lets’ consider what the benefits of buying tapestries online are:

  • Convenient
  • Affordable
  • Various options
  • Time-saving
  • Perfect match

No doubt, there are numbers of benefits of buying tapestries online. It would be better to buy the best option of tapestry online for home decoration. Well, tapestries are a good item that can change the overall interior of your house. If you want to get the perfect match, then you should consider the best grey tapestry 2018 list and choose the best one for your home.