There are tens of thousands of education apps currently available for your iOS and Android devices. But which one is the right one to try out? In an effort to help boil down the best from the rest, this visual guide should help you out. There are just so many apps available in the Apple App Store that you can get completely flummoxed by just simply launching iTunes. As of August of last year, there where thousands of iPad iPhone apps that dealt with topics like Math, Science, Spanish, History, Geography, French, and Art.Which education apps should I use? There were more than 50,000 total iPhone education apps. That’s crazy. Even crazier is the fact that there are a lot more than that right now with hundreds being added every month. Most of those apps are free and nearly as many are paid apps. To give you a frame of reference, this is more than a year ago where there were about 650,000 apps in the App Store. The most popular education apps included a free graphics calculator, the American Museum of Natural History app, a free Spanish tutor, a NASA app, and an IQ test.

Which education apps should I use?

Also worth pointing out is the fact that some of the top apps were blackboard mobile, and the rate my professors’ app, as well as the TED app. These apps are supplementary to larger websites and services, showing the significance of each app. Which apps should you try? I’d recommend checking out which categories are most popular and then looking into those. For example, if you’re looking for an engaging app, try the ‘best of’ list on iTunes and then drill down into your particular category. Start with TED Talks but then actually watch a few talks. Then download some apps related to the talk that you just watched. You might just find yourself liking a new topic that you never previously thought would interest you!