Best Saltwater Fishing Boots

Fishing boots are primarily made of felt, rubber or some other type of material, in some cases synthetic, but there are problems with each of those. The best fishing boots are usually made of waterproof rubber with an inner liner that keeps feet warm and dry. This is especially important in saltwater fishing, as the feet need increased protection from the harsh salt. The best saltwater fishing boots provide a number of features for fishermen.
Simms Boot G3 Guide
The G3 Guide from Simms is one of the best saltwater fishing boots because they contain a neoprene lining that keeps feet from getting wet. The upper portion of the boot has a wide opening, for minimal hassle sliding the boots on. Simms also changed the lacing method so that the boots are easier to adjust, even when they’re already laced and on the feet. The boots also come with nylon laces guaranteed not to fray or break. The one problem found with these boots is the size, which can be too big, wide and/or unwieldy for some feet.

Orvis Ultra Lightweight Wading Shoe
The Ultra Lightweight Wading Shoe from Orvis weighs just 38 ounces total per pair, but they’re perfect for saltwater fishing in all temperatures. The boots are big enough to accommodate even a heavy-duty pair of fishing socks for areas where the water temperature is quite low. Made from a combination of nylon and other synthetic fibers, the boots dry quickly and have rubber covering the toes, protecting the lower part of the foot. Some customers, though, may not like that these boots won’t keep the feet as warm as some of the others on the market.

Shimano Evair Fishing Boots
Shimano is one of the largest manufacturers of fishing equipment and the Evair boots were the first designed specifically for fishing. The boots are particularly lightweight, at less than 20 ounces for the pair, and are composed of one solid piece so they slip right onto the feet without the need to tie any laces. A nice feature if you’re eager to be on the move, but this can be a disadvantage for those who want an adjustable boot. The bottoms are made with a molded design that’s more resistant to skids, which is perfect for fishing in saltwater and in areas with a slick or slippery surface.

Reddington CPS Wading Boot
The Reddington CPS Wading Boot is the best fishing boot for fly fishing in saltwater, as the design lets the boots’ wearer move from the ground to the water and back again with little difficulty. The boots were designed to pull on and off smoothly, with laces that tie easily for a better fit. The boots feature an ergonomic design and can be worn all day without discomfort. Shoppers also like the waterproof synthetic leather used in the uppers, but some may prefer an all-leather boot.