Partial Dentures Complete Dentures At Denticentro

The differences between partial dentures, complete dentures – Do you need a denture? And if so, do you know the types of dentures that are available? Before we start you should know that the branch of dentistry that treats the loose of teeth is the prosthodontics.

If you lost all of your teeth you need a complete denture or what is known as full dentures, but if you only lost a few, you are going to need a partial one. If you need a complete denture, you have two options, the conventional or the immediate:

1) the conventional, takes about eight to twelve weeks because you need to heal after the dentist remove your teeth,

2) the immediate are made before the dentist remove your teeth, but a lot of adjustments have to be made, that is because during the healing process the gums shrink, so it is a better choice the conventional ones.

The removable denture, also known as a bridge, is a replacement tooth that is attached to a special plastic base, this is connected to a metal framework. This is only used when you still have some or more of your own teeth. Another kind is the permanent partial, used when you want to replace one or two teeth, the dentist puts a crown on the next to the missing tooth and attaches the artificial one to it, the dentist then is going to cement it, and with the false teeth you will have filled the missing space and as a result your other real teeth are not going to change their place.

You also can have a dental implant instead of a denture, and this one feels more like real teeth. The dentists are using this more as they are becoming a better alternative.

Do you know what an implant supported denture is? I am going to try to explain it as simple as possible: it is a kind of overdenture that is attached to implants instead of the gums, so this stays better in his place, when you don’t have any more teeth but enough bone in your jaw, the dentist can put you the implants and the denture is easily snapped into the implants and you can remove it very easily but if you prefer a permanent one this option may be not for you.

The implant tooth replacement is getting better with time and offers a variety of alternatives to choose from, we have from bridges to the implant supported a denture, it is only a matter of deciding which one.

If you would like more information on it, you can look at the NLM (National Library of Medicine) Pubmed or Medline. Another resource is the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) hit Entrez and you can find full-text journal articles. Well, I think now you have a better idea of partial dentures complete dentures.