DIY: Make Your Own Cat Litter Box

Cats are cute pets that will help us free from all the worries and stress of our lives. But cleaning cat litter can be exhausting and daunting. Check out the few tips and techniques in the link that helps you get rid of cat litter very easily. The types of litter boxes that can be made by you from scratch are given in that link. They have different types of litter box like odor control, flushable cat litter, and odor free litter boxes. It can make an awful smell all over the house if left unnoticed. Hence it is important to give your pet a litter box and practice it to poop every day on that.

Do It yourself tips

Before getting into step-by-step instructions on how to make litter box for your cat, the important things to be needed are a box or bin with a lid, plate, scissors and marking pen. In order to make it smell-free, check out the tips at to make your litter box have a pleasant smell. Following are the steps to do your litter box.

  • Take the lid of your bin and trace it with a small plate to make a hole.
  • With the help of marking pen, trace the outline on the lid cover with a round plate.
  • Now take the scissors which are strong to cut the lid. With the help of scissors, cut the outline of the lid carefully till it completes the circle.
  • That’s it. Your litter box for the cat is ready. Now place the box into the place where you want it to be in your house.
  • The best way to place it is under an open window so that the smell does not circulate inside the house.
  • There is some smell reducing ideas at com like heightening the box and using anti-smell agents.

Advantages of the DIY litter box

  • Cost:

The cost you need to make this box is almost nothing. As you can use any old box and other things like scissors from your home.

  • Easy:

The method to prepare a litter box is very simple and it can be done within minutes.

  • Smell-free:

You do not have to make your friends feel nauseous while visiting your house due to the litter smell. You can use the tips from com to buy odor-free litter boxes and nice smell things.

  • Mess-free:

It is a separate place for your cat to litter and hence it will not poop all over the living space. It is mess-free and makes it maintain hygienically.

  • Discipline:

This practice of making your cats litters only in the box makes it disciplined and it will embarrass you by littering on the streets in the future.

The cat litter can be smelly and messy but with the help of the cat litter box, we can control it to a certain extent. It also helps in maintaining the cat’s hygiene as the litter is sanitarily disposed of. Check out the link to know more about cat litter tips and techniques.